SkyDance 6

SkyDance 6, Avant Garden, by far the most complex of all the productions is a story of […]

SkyDance 5

Innocense End SkyDance 5, Innocense End was a return to basics and focused on complex precision choreography. […]

SkyDance 4

Let Love Live., SkyDance 4 Let Love Live told the story of same sex love forbidden by […]

SkyDance 3

Second Spring SkyDance 3 or Second Spring was the first narrative SkyDance production telling a story of […]

SkyDance 2

SkyDance 2 brought further refinements to performances like a stage modeled on a reverse panopticon design also […]

SkyDance 1

SkyDance 1 The ZEROG SkyDance performance company was born in June of 2006 as an experiment asking […]