Citrix Movie

Director of Photography DC Spensley

Barak Dot Tel

Director of Photography DC Spensley

The First ZEROG Sculpture

Early megalithic assembly by DC Spensley in Second Life

Fruit of Piano

Movie by DC Spensley

Silver Tsunami

Movie by DC Spensley

DC Spensley Recent Work November 2013

A two minute movie covering recent work of DC Spensley in the areas of Network Performance, Augmented Reality and Social Games! Created for CODAME as a presentation in absentia to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on November 23rd, 2013.

A New Class of Poverty

Movie by DC Spensley

Senior Talent Extravaganza

Movie by DC Spensley

It’s Scary Being Discharged on a Friday …

Directed, Shot, and Edited by: DC Spensley

One Break Away, One Paycheck Away- Economic Security is Critical for Older Adults

Directed, Shot, and Edited by DC Spensley

One Good Break To Get Back On Track

Directed, Shot, and Edited by: DC Spensley

Sparky 2, the DIY Video Chat Telepresence Robot

Director of Photography: DC Spensley

My Worst Nightmare

Director of Photography: DC Spensley

Bubble Movie

Director of Photography: DC Spensley

OpenChannel Pitch Rough

This is an edit of a Comcast News Maker interview with DC Spensley about OpenChannel Resident Safety Network. The 5 minute interview has been roughly edited down to below 1 minute as pitch parameters demand. Thanks to Aubrey Aquino and Comcast News Makers.

Movements in Hyperformal Space

This is the flythru movie made just prior to being introduced to Second Life in 2006 that was on display at the inaugural exhibition of Ars Virtua, curated by James Morgan.

Facades – Movements Thru Hyperformal Space

Facades is a fly-thru of a 3D space that appeared in the inaugural exhibition at Ars Virtua Gallery in Second Life, curator James Morgan aka Rubaiyat Shatner.

Sheila Malkind Legacy Film Festival on Aging

Executive Director Sheila Malkind introduces the Legacy Film Festival on Aging and shows clips from the 2015 Festival September 18-20 at New People Cinema in San Francisco’s Japan Town.

Ghosts. What? In New Orleans?

Dolphin Girl and Monkey boy visited the big easy and made a movie with their friends. Good thing it’s super short right? Thanks to: Cathy – Shooter, Editor, Actor Maria – Actor Lynn – Actor Ian – Actor DC – Director, Shooter, Editor No actual ghosts were harmed in the production of this short movie. Made with Adobe After Effects and Premiere

Ars Plastica Raw Documentary 2

This is raw documentary footage showing the details of Ars Plastica, a virtual art world by DC Spensley in 2016.

Ars Plastica Raw Documentary 3

This is raw documentary footage showing the details of Ars Plastica, a virtual art world by DC Spensley in 2016. Shown here are “secret” reflexive toys found in the Ars Plastica world. Like easter eggs in software, these artworks within an artwork are a fun reward for people digging deeper into Ars Plastica.

Ars Plastica Raw Documentary 1

This is raw documentary footage showing the details of Ars Plastica, a virtual art world by DC Spensley in 2016.


MineOpticon II Pics

MineOpticon II

Produced and Directed by:

DC Spensley AKA DanCoyote

Performed by the
“Diamond Boots Ensemble”:

Jenene Castle
Sara Gevurtz
Ben Unterman
Laurence Simmons
Eliot Wang
Matt Pita
Oberon Onmura
Michael Amundsen

Technical Director:
Bill “Wabbs” Cruickshank

Original Score:
Yağız Mungan

MineOpticon II is a real time, one hour long “Equine Ballet”, a theatrical horse dancing intervention into the virtual world of Minecraft staged at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media “Orwell” Server.

Imagine 8 riders performing intricate choreography based on Austrian Lipizzaner Stalions to an original score in an exquisitely designed stage set and surrounding landscape.

Appearing before the performance will be James Morgan a curator to make a presentation on Minecraft as an art medium.

After the MineOpticon II performance will be an exciting Minecraft horse race!


Avant Garden Costume Test

This is DanCoyote testing an inflight costume approach for the coming mixed reality show: Avant Garden.


Recent Work – CODAME/YBCA

This video was prepared in November 2013 for CODAME who presented my work to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Thanks to Bruno, Jordan and the CODAME gang!

MineOpticon Rider

One Diamond Boots rider demonstrates the new MineOpticon II stage set which is based on the Catillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine Florida .

The new set is scaled up and explicitly designed to exploit the increased speed and footprint of horses in Minecraft. This all new stage features never before seen uses of the game’s internal logic and materials and capabilities to pull off compelling stage craft in a game better known to 8-12 year olds.

MineOpticon II is a one hour long Equine Ballet performed live on a Minecraft server set to survival mode. All members of the troupe need to constantly eat to stay alive and perform under the constant threat of zombies, skeletons and spiders who can be lethal to the cast and horses.

Now imagine 8 riders performing intricate choreography based on Austrian Lipizzaner Stalions to an original score in an exquisitely designed stage set and surrounding landscape.

Talk about awesome.
The Diamond Boots Ensemble
presents MineOpticon II

Live in San Francisco, May 16, 2014

First every SG gallery dance troupe!

Eugene from Singapore made a gallery for internet art using SG gallery, which looks to be a distributable stand alone client for a specific virtual world.

The ultimate walled garden and where art gallery and software product meet. When I joined, Hayden and  Laturbo were there, Eugene and a few others came by to check out the space.

After a few clicks it was clear that while this looks like SL and Cloud Party it is a read only model of delivery, imagine emailing somebody a custom client that leads only to your specific 3D world.

This is documentation of us dancing (Hayden and Eugene and me on camera) to the tasty but unusual local audio vibrations. The real gem here is Eugene’s curated collection of internet graphics and his choice of music. Sounds and looks homemade.


MineOpticon DEBUT 7/3/2013

MineOpticon DEBUT is at YouIn3D in Berlin, Germany at 9PM CET, July 3, 2013

Stay tuned on the FaceBook group for up to the minute info about this exciting network performance.

Below is the full show card to use in social media, email or on blogs. Click the image to see the full size version.


megalith 050713 – LEA5

megalith 050713

megalith 050713

500 meters above LEA5 on display until May 10, 2013


MineOpticon development

These are pics of MineOpticon experimentation between DC and Wabbs


MineOpticon Meeting 01

Today DC, Jeremy, Peter, Jenene, Sara, Ama and Wabbs met for the first time about a Minecraft performance ensemble. We cleared a 40×40 spot out in the desert West of the 4004 gallery section on the Orwell server.

Working title: Panopticon which was later changed to MineOpticon (which sounds better)

Jestingrabbit (Wabbs) and etoyoCnaD stayed after the hour meeting and worked out some rough details about the what the stage might look like and Wabbs had it wireframed in a few hours!

MineOpticon work in progress:


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