SkyDance 6

SkyDance 6, Avant Garden, by far the most complex of all the productions is a story of the four seasons told through mixed reality dance. The SkyDancers create a “garden” in Second Life, while a live dancer playing the role of “Rose Gardener” interacts with the virtual perfomers shown on a large rear production screen in a San Francisco theater venue. The result is a melding of virtual and live action performed to a live audience of over 70 people at each performance date. Avant Garden illustrated the problematic aspects of virtual performace and art being stranded behind a wall of technlogy, accessible only to people fluent enough to download and configure software to see the show. In this hybrid performance members of the live audience had no such barrier while accomodations were still available for the Second Life audience members.


Angelique Menoptra

Bonbon Matahari

Buffy Beale

Neena Botanical

Pielady Smalls

Tatiana Kurri

Whytchwhisper Sadofsky

Live Choreography and Dance Performance in the Role of “Rose Gardener” by:

Kathleen Moore

Original score by:

Juniverse Stockholm and Ultraviolet Alter

Technical Directors:

Sasun Steinbeck O

beron Onmura

Sabine Stonebender

Machinimatography by:

Joshua Stortz and DC Spensley

Live video by:

Laurence Simmonds and Paul Grant

Live Follow Spot:

Billy Douglas Mark Nohr

Story, Stage, and Production by:

DC Spensley

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