SkyDance 5

Innocense End SkyDance 5, Innocense End was a return to basics and focused on complex precision choreography. Important elements of the stage in large part created on the fly by the performers and eventually brought down by the antagonist in the story. Innocense End is a story innocense lost, of valor and sacrafice. The Sufolla, dance in the cold of interstellare space. It is how the live, how they communicate and they know no other life until the Gopus Bülie, a terrifying monster begins to attack and harass the gentle Sufolla. The Sufolla eventually remember in their dim past that the Gopus was one of their own who had gone bad long ago and been imprisoned in an elaborate but human cage high above. Eventually, so frightened of the Gopus the Sufolla anoint a “Hereau” from one of their own, a champion who learns the ways of the Gopus to do battle and return the Gopus to the historical cage. For the Hereau this is a one way trip. The former Sufolla must sacrafice innocense to learn the aggression necessary to defend the Sufolla, but can never be one of them again.

SkyDance 5 featured a customized HUD for the audience which was controlled in real time by a Director HUD. This audience HUD provided real time story tidbits and more accessible explanations of the characters, stage set and action. Also an innovation on the audience HUD was the ability to vote on the winner of an epic story path, giving the audience the last word on how the narrative ended as well as facilitating their participation in that ending.


Angelique Menoptra

Anhinga Chaika

Buffy Beale

CJ27 Jigsaw

Dot Pelazzi

Juji Kumsung

Lina Lageos

Neena Botanical

Pielady Smalls

Talula Bancroft

Tatiana Kurri

Whytchwhisper Sadofsky


Original score by: Josh Zamo

Technical Directors: Zenmondo Wormser Oberon Onmura Selavy Oh

Costumes by: DC Spensley

Machinimatography and show edit by: DC Spensley

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