SkyDance 4

Let Love Live., SkyDance 4

Let Love Live told the story of same sex love forbidden by rival parents who drive their kids to run away. The remorse of the parents is intense as is their relief as their kids return together, older and bonded regardless of the taboo. The parents evolve and the families reconcile with the children and each other. This is a same sex Romeo and Juliet with an alternate ending where the kids don’t suicide.

Let Love Live featured a 4000 meter stage set divided into 6 distinct acts and stages for each act. This may be the largest stage set and sculptural object in Second Life History (Tower of Light). Culminating at elevation 4000 is a wedding grand ball where the audience is invited to leave their seats, put on cascade costumes and play chase games with the SkyDancers. This is the first time the SkyDance audience was invited to participate in the narrative.



Anhinga Chaika

Angelique Menoptra

Buffy Beale

Lina Lageos

Pielady Smalls

Talula Bancroft

Tatiana Kurri

Whytchwhisper Sadofsky


Original score by:

ZeroOne Paz (aka Michael Kohl)


Technical Director:

Zenmondo Wormser


Costumes by:

Josina Burgess and DC Spensley


Machinimatography and show edit by:

DC Spensley

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