SkyDance 3

Second Spring SkyDance 3 or Second Spring was the first narrative SkyDance production telling a story of difference and bullying. In this story, the Maj (pronounced Madge) is the majority, SkyDancers who appear all in blue when born from sparking flower pods. At the same time, Puch, is born in the same way, the same time and place but is different, born orange. As tiny ones they play together and don’t see difference. As they grow up to adolescents to story, told through color, shape and proximity, shows the group as adolescents that begin to differentiate and pick on Puck, the different one. As the Maj reach adulthood and are still similar to each other, the difference between them and Puch becomes more pronounced and the attacks on Puch more serious until one day the Maj cause Puch to fall from a high place and die. The Maj are so heartbroken about it that they work together to place Puch back into a sparkling flower pod and go back in themselves. When the pods open back up again, everyone is reborn different and the story ends with them celbrating this second chance.

SkyDance 3 brought out many innovations such as cascade constumes (designed by Queue Marlow) that changed color and shape via a HUD controlled by the director. Also new and configurable stage craft were flying stage pieces that would vanish and appear on command as well as opening and closing “sparkling flower pods” designed and programmed by Nand Nerd.

Second Spring was performed many times in Second Life and was the first theater production in Second Life to successfully charge $10.00 USD for tickets to a virtual theater production.



Anhinga Chaika

Deborah Strangelove

Angelique Menoptra

Lina Lageos

Pyper Dollinger

Buffy Beale

Pielady Smalls

Tatiana Kurri


Original score by:

ZeroOne Paz (aka Michael Kohl)


Technical Director:

Zenmondo Wormser


Costumes by:

Queue Marlowe


Machinimatography and show edit by:

Gary Hayes

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