SkyDance 2

SkyDance 2 brought further refinements to performances like a stage modeled on a reverse panopticon design also inspired by readings at the San Francisco Art Institute, in this case Michel Foucault’s examination of social control in the 19th century French prison system. In this case however, the exact opposite is intended and the architecture served to test ideas about theater in the round, a condition that is pervasive inside a virtual world.

During this period (2007), large “mega prims” were introduced to the Second Life building options so cascade costume size increased dramatically. Also available at that time were flexible prims (geometry) that allowed avatar attachments to wiggle and be affected by wind and movement.

SkyDance 2 was performed for the opening of the IBM simulation in Second Life and for a number of universities and charity events.


Anhinga Chaika

Deborah Strangelove

Callipygian Christensen

Lina Lageos

Que Marlowe

Tatiana Kurri

Original score by:

ZeroOne Paz (aka Michael Kohl)

Standard definition machinima edit by: Gary Hayes

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