MineOpticon II Short Show Reel

MineOpticon II

Performed by the:

“Diamond Boots Ensemble”:

Jenene Castle, Sara Gevurtz, Ben Unterman, Laurence Simmonds, Haifa Tabbara, Eliot Wang, Matt Pita, Oberon Onmura, Michael Amundsen

Produced and Directed by:

DC Spensley AKA DanCoyote

Technical Director:
Bill “Wabbs” Cruickshank

Original Score:
Yağız Mungan

MineOpticon II is a real time, one hour long “Equine Ballet”, a theatrical horse dancing intervention into the virtual world of Minecraft staged at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media “Orwell” Server.

Imagine 8 riders performing intricate choreography based on Austrian Lipizzaner Stalions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipizzan to an original score in an exquisitely designed stage set and surrounding landscape.

Appearing before the performance will be James Morgan a curator to make a presentation on Minecraft as an art medium.

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