Hephaestus Platonicator

Hephaestus Platonicator is a social sculpture created in the virtual world of Second Life, in this case at the Linden Endowment for the Arts sandbox simulation.

Here’s how it works (and what is depicted in the video: Clicking the gold obelisk in the center of the platform either deletes existing tetrahedrons or rezzes one above the obelisk. Click any face of the resulting tetrahedron and it will rezz another tetrahedron adjacent to that face.

The idea is here that the art viewer becomes the maker. Anyone can build and anyone has the option to reset the whole thing at any time. This makes the sculpture impermanent socially, like a crowd sourced sand mandala, it is simply erased after a time to make room for a new one.

Hephaestus Platonicator can be used individually or by a group, cooperatively or competitively. Enjoy!


Platonic solid:


Special thanks to Nand Nerd and Werner Kurosawa for their encouragement and engineering consultation.

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