DC Spensley Solo Exhibition at the San Francisco Art Institute

DanCoyote and the Alonso Quixano Quartet – DC Spensley Solo Exhibition at the San Francisco Art Institute

This is San Francisco artist DC Spensley performing as DanCoyote with the Alonso Quixano laptop quartet. The venue is the Diego Rivera Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute in January of 2004.

This conceptual performance involved 2 actors roaming the exhibition space performing as the mythical coyote and raven. There are 3 dancers called the “Burka Boys” who appear in white, gray and black burka costumes while performing choreographic movements similar to a Hawaiian Hakka dance and shouting in Korean various numerical combinations. The Burka Boys are taking cues from the director DC Spensley who is coordinating their dance performance with the Alonso Quixano Laptop Quartet.

Members of the laptop quartet are playing audio movements generated by custom software created specifically for this event. The laptop quartet is also responding to cues from the director.

In addition an assistant is performing with a custom audio system composed of a remote control car configured to read audio tape arranged on the floor of the gallery. The resulting signal is then transmitted to the main sound board and mixed in with the laptop audio.

This event was one of a number of abstract audio performances by the Alonso Quixano Experience during the years between 2002 thru 2005 when the ensemble also performed at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, ArtSF and Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco.

The laptop quartet depicted are:
Adam Day
Nate Ormond
Laura Swanson
and John Farnsworth

Burka Boize dancers:
Grey Jenkins
Eliot Shields
QuanSoo Kim

Also performing are:

Marque Cornblatt on remote tape system
Daillo as the Raven
Juan as the Coyote

On Camera are Roger Crist and Jennifer Noland

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