Tower of Light

Tower of Light is a megalithic metasculpture, meaning a sculptural object in simulated virtual space. In this case the work was created and exhibited in the virtual world of Second Life. Tower of light is megalithic because it is 5 kilometers in height, which at that time was the maximum size for an object in the simulated space and far outside the usual scale of avatars each of which is roughly 2 meters in height.

The figurative nature of avatars leads people to think in real space terms about the virtual world when there are no such limitations. Tower of Light is in intervention that proves otherwise but shattering this illusion and providing a sumptuous experience well outside of the ersatz figurative assumptions of the virtual world.

A virtual artifact this large presents challenges to build and exhibit and would not be possible without support from entities and organizations willing to be a host venue. The original Tower of Light was created at the New Media Consortium’s sims in Second Life, it has been displayed at Brooklyn is Watching (Jack the Pelican Presents, Williamsburg NYC), University of Deleware’s virtual campus and the virtual campus of University of Western Australia.

Music by ZeroOne Paz

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