R.O.G.A.D. (AKA Graffiti Bot)

Remotely Operated Graffiti Application Device

Visit the R.O.G.A.D. Website

R.O.G.A.D. is operated by a line of site or onboard camera desktop computer system. The system requires a two button mouse and a keyboard. Cursor keys control left/right forward/backward directions while the mouse controls collective (lift) and paint delivery.

This system deploys to the target area and makes direct, frontal contact via the nozzle spring assembly and contact casters mounted on the front housing on the trilateral lift assembly. Flight controls keep the unit pressed against the target and the operator may paint freehand or from a preprogrammed pattern.


Dry Weight – 14/18 KG

Fuel Capacity 2 Litres for 3 hours of flight time.

Maximm speed 180 KPH

Width – 80 cm

Height – 67 cm


2.8KG/10HP Quad Carburetor

60KG Thrust @ 8000RPM

Drive/Lift System

Belt driven

Trilateral lift fan system

Cable driven flight control system

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