Chandelier, an immersive experience by DC Spensley

About Chandelier

Simulated space becomes a human place when we experience it together. By their very nature, immersive environments like “Chandelier” transport the viewer outside their current narrative into another, in this case a celebration of space, volume, and comparative context. An immersive virtual world spans geographic, national, and ideological boundaries in that it is accessible from anywhere, in any time zone to anyone with the means to visit. In this way “Chandelier” and other similar immersives invert the relationship between time and space. Travel time is instantaneous, and space is reconfigured to invoke the quality of wonder as the viewer moves through the world.

“Chandelier” is an illuminated telepresent dream space that is made real through sharing the experience, and facilitates a geography that persons separated by great distances might travel through together. What is better than immersion in a new world to provide the space for the visitor to reflect on the old one?

Created by DC Spensley
Sound by Bamboof Music
Javascript Engineering by Benny Benny

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